Big Event for an ADPi Alumna

Howdy! My name is Staci Rende and I am a senior Delta (initiated) member and almost a Pi (alumna) member! Two weekends ago, my sisters and I had an incredibly unique Big Event experience, and I’m here to share just a glimpse of it! Big Event has always been one of my favorite Aggie traditions throughout the years. Although it’s only for a few hours, students are able to give back to the community and fellow Aggies that have paved the road for those who will come after them. But the best part is that we get to give back with our sisters by our side! ~ This year started like every other year: I got our assignment for the day, called our Big Event host to let her know that we would be there by 10:15am, and headed to our hostess’ house with seven other sisters. As soon as we got there, our host, Ms. Vi Cook, immediately came out with a huge smile on her face and asked us all about our majors, college careers, what we want to do when we graduate, and everything in between. She told us how grateful she was for having eight students come out this year, and stayed with us as we began to pull weeds and wash the windows. As the conversations continued, we asked us what organization we were in, or if we just came as a group of friends. We all chimed together that we were sisters in Alpha Delta Pi, and Ms. Cook immediately broke out into one of our ritual ceremony songs. We all started singing with her and excitedly asked her what Alpha (initiation) class she was, where she originally joined, and if she was involved with Zeta Lambda as an Alumna. To our excitement, Ms. Cook, Alpha Class ‘63 from the Beta Eta (Michigan) chapter of Alpha Delta Pi, was involved in the colonization of Zeta Lambda in the 70’s. She hurriedly went to her office to bring out memorabilia from her time as a Delta member: her paddle (which are no longer provided) from her big diamond sister and her composite picture. We loved hearing her stories about our sisterhood and how far it has come since then. After a while, Ms. Cook went inside to relax and all of us outside were still shocked. This sisterhood truly lasts a lifetime, and we were so thankful to experience this moment together.

Alpha Delta Pi | Zeta Lambda | 1500 Athens Drive College Station, TX 77840