Welcome to Texas A&M Alpha Delta Pi



I am extremely honored to serve as President for the Zeta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to lead this chapter and give back to an organization that has given me so much. Joining Alpha Delta Pi has been the single greatest decision of my college life thus far. I have been able to develop myself into the woman I want to be and that wouldn’t have been possible without the women here in the Zeta Lambda Chapter. 

Our open motto, “We Live for Each Other,” truly embodies every single woman in this chapter. Everyone that I have met is so loving, thoughtful, caring, supportive, and empowering. The way these women stand up and help you out, before even helping themselves out first, is truly something special. They’re also there to push you to be your best self, pick you up when you’re down, or laugh with until you cry! I didn’t have siblings growing up, so I’m thankful that I now have so many sisters to call family. I hope that one day you can share the love that Alpha Delta Pi has given me. 

Love and Loyally,

Abigail Harmon

Chapter President