Marketing Team

What We Do

The Marketing and Recruitment Team manages both formal and informal recruitment, from spirit week to bidday to continuous open recruitment events. We work to ensure the future of the chapter by recruiting amazing women to carry on the Zeta Lambda legacy. The team also handles the public relations for the chapter, including the merchandise, social media, among other things.


Recruitment Analyst

Hi! My name is Megan Huebschman, and I’m an aerospace engineering major from Austin, Texas. As Recruitment Analyst, I’m responsible for managing any information needed for recruitment. As part of that, I keep track of any recommendation letters and legacy forms that are submitted my PNM’s. I also am responsible for behind the scenes and logistical aspects of recruitment.


Director of Public Relations

Howdy! My name is Georgia Riley, I’m a sophomore nutritional sciences major from Amarillo, TX. As Director of Public Relations I am in charge of educating the chapter in the impacts of public relations in regards to the chapter and sorority. I’m also responsible for creating merchandise to display the brand of Alpha Delta Pi in a positive way. 


Continuous Open Recruitment Chair

Howdy! My name is Kat Kaimana and I am a sophomore Special Education major from Burleson, Texas. After I graduate, I plan on teaching while pursuing a masters degree in school psychology. As open recruitment specialist, I am responsible for the recruitment of amazing young women aside from formal recruitment. I also have the opportunity to plan events that encompass the values of Alpha Delta Pi in order to help PNMs find their home. Boom Boom!


Director of Primary Recruitment

Hi! My name is Alyse Bates, and I’m a chemical engineering major from Plano, Texas. My goal is to work as a process engineer for a large company. In my free time, I love to watch netflix (including Supernatural, Friends, and the Office) and spend hours online shopping. As the Director of Primary Recruitment, I am responsible for recruiting the best women for our sorority that embody the values of Alpha Delta Pi. I hope to do this by leaving the PNM’s with a memorable experience and positive impression of our amazing sisterhood here at Texas A&M University.


VP of Marketing

Hi! My name is Abby Harmon, and I’m a sophomore civil engineering major and graphic design minor from Cypress, Texas. I hope to one day work for the Walt Disney Company and design ride structures. As Vice President of Marketing, I oversee the recruitment and marketing team and assist where needed. I also implement the chapter’s marketing and recruitment plan to promote Zeta Lambda and ensure future growth for the chapter. I love getting to give back to this chapter by leading it during recruitment.


Bid Day Specialist

Howdy! My name is Bailey White and I am a Business Management Pre-Law major from Thorndale, TX. As Bid Day Specialist I get the joy of planning to best day of the year... Bid Day! I get to make sure each girl’s first day as an Alpha Delta Pi is the most fun, and makes them want to stick around and dive in head first into our awesome sisterhood. Gig’em and Boom Boom!

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