Marketing Team

The Marketing and Recruitment Team manages both formal and informal recruitment, from spirit week to bid day to continuous open recruitment events. We work to ensure the future of the chapter by recruiting amazing women to carry on the Zeta Lambda legacy. The team also handles the public relations for the chapter by being in charge of the merchandise, social media, and raising awareness about our chapter.


Alisa Lin

Digital Marketing Specialist

Hello!! My name is Alisa Lin, and I am a junior computer science major from Dallas, TX. I am so excited to serve as the Digital Marketing Specialist this year and handle all things social media! My goal is to showcase this amazing sisterhood, create the cutest graphics, and reflect the values of Alpha Delta Pi through social media!! 


Jettie Funderburgh

Director of Primary Recruitment

Howdy! My name is Jettie Funderburgh and I am a sophomore communication major from Stephenville Texas. My role as the Director of Primary Recruitment is to recruit the women here at Texas A&M University that would best represent the values of Alpha Delta Pi. I am passionate about recruitment and hope all the incoming PNM's have the most memorable experience as well as see what our amazing sisterhood, as well as chapter, has to offer!

Tabby Deupree

VP of Marketing

Hi!! My name is Tabby Deupree and I’m an Industrial & Systems Engineering major from Irving, TX. As VP of Marketing, I am over the entire Recruitment and Marketing Team, I coordinate our strategic marketing plan, and help support all of the officers underneath me to promote our chapter and our amazing sisterhood! I am so excited to be able to take our chapter to a new level through both social media and recruitment!


Kylie Miller

Director of Public Relations

Howdy! My name is Kylie Miller, and I am a freshman allied health major from Richmond, TX. As director of public relations, I am responsible for maintaining the relations between our chapter and the university as well as maintaining the website. I am also in charge of writing reports for the Alpha Delta Pi national magazine, The Adelphean. I also help create banners and help themed events come to life! I am so honored to be able to serve this chapter and all my amazing sisters!


Courtney Adams

Recruitment Analyst

Howdy! My name is Courtney Adams and I am a Junior Environmental Studies Major from Spring, Texas. As the Recruitment Analyst my job is to serve the chapter with the behind the scenes of recruitment and make sure that it runs as smooth as possible.


Georgia Prince

Open Recruitment Specialist

Howdy! My name is Georgia Prince and I am a freshman business major on the finance track from McKinney, TX. As Open Recruitment Specialist, I plan our spring rush and post fall rush COR events, I oversee the ROAR squad committee, and recruit new members. I am excited for the next year of being able to bring in incredible new members!

Ali Sweeney

Bid Day Specialist

Howdy! My name is Ali Sweeney :) I am a sophomore Chemical Engineering major from Austin, Texas. As bid day specialist I have the honor of planning both spring and fall bid day!! I am so excited to help welcome new members into Alpha Delta Pi and show what our sisterhood is all about!!


Jessie Witt

Brand Management Specialist

Howdy! My name is Jessica Witt and I am a Business Marketing major from Rosenberg, TX. My job is to design and order all of our chapters PR. That's anything from event shirts just to general PR! My goal is to make sure we have a very wide variety of designs and opportunities to get merchandise as well as our chapter being represented more on campus by our members as well as others! I am having so much fun so far and am so excited to see what all I create this next year alongside my fellow AMAZING officers!!!!!!


Katie Berglund

Recruitment Analyst Specialist