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Marketing Team

The Marketing and Recruitment Team manages both formal and informal recruitment, from spirit week to bid day to continuous open recruitment events. We work to ensure the future of the chapter by recruiting amazing women to carry on the Zeta Lambda legacy. The team also handles the public relations for the chapter by being in charge of the merchandise, social media, and raising awareness about our chapter.


Kaitlyn Melton

Director of Public Relations

Howdy! My name is Kaitlyn Melton, and I am a sophomore Communications major from Plano, TX. As Director of Public Relations, I am responsible for maintaining the relations between our chapter and the university as well as maintaining the website. I am also in charge of writing reports for the Alpha Delta Pi national magazine, The Adelphean. I also help create banners and help themed events come to life! I am SO honored to be able to serve this chapter and all my amazing sisters!

Catherine Guinther

Digital Marketing Specialist

Hi!! My name is Catherine Guinther, and I am a sophomore allied health major from Houston, TX. I am beyond excited to serve as the Digital Marketing Specialist this year and handle our social medias! ADPi has given us so many special moments and that deserves to be celebrated. I cannot wait to showcase all these moments through our social media platforms!


Carlee Richardson

Director of Primary Recruitment

Howdy! My name is Carlee Richardson and I am a sophomore Marketing major from Brownwood, TX. My role as the Director of Primary Recruitment is to recruit the women here at Texas A&M University that would best represent the values of Alpha Delta Pi. I am so excited for all incoming PNM’s to have the most memorable recruitment experience and see what our sisterhood, as well as chapter, has to offer!


Lexi Rivers

VP of Marketing

Howdy! My name is Lexi Rivers and I'm a Communications major from Allen, TX! As Vice President of Marketing, I oversee the Recruitment and Marketing Team. I coordinate our strategic marketing plan, and support all of the officers underneath me to promote our chapter and our amazing sisterhood! I am most excited to have such a direct impact on our chapter and to be working with my best friends. I’m so grateful for such a supportive executive team, advisors, and sisters.


Elise Collins

Digital Content Specialist

Howdy! My name is Elise Collins and I am a junior Applied Mathematics major from Sachse, TX. I am so excited to serve as the Digital Content Specialist this year and will handle Zeta Lambda's TikTok. I will post weekly to showcase our amazing sisterhood and activities throughout the year.


Katie Berglund

Recruitment Analyst


Madelaine Cruz

Open Recruitment Specialist

Howdy, my name is Madelaine Cruz and I am a freshman Biology major from Pearland, TX. I have the pleasure of serving as this year’s Open Recruitment Officer. In this position, I am able to grow the membership of the sorority through casual and intimate conversations with potential new members! I am beyond excited to make a positive impact on the future of the Zeta Lambda Chapter!


Maci Underwood

Bid Day Specialist

Howdy! My name is Maci Underwood and I’m an environmental design major from Stephenville, Texas. As bid day specialist, I am responsible for planning bid day for primary recruitment and spring COR. Bid day is one of the most valuable times to express our love for sisterhood each year, so it is our main goal to create the best possible experience for new and current members to celebrate how we live for each other! I am beyond excited to help with a new members first experience in alpha delta pi!


Camila Maldonado

Brand Management Specialist

Howdy! My name is Camila Maldonado and I am an Animal Science major from Brownsville, Texas. As the Brand Management Specialist, I am proud to be the creator behind all the PR to promote the Alpha Delta Pi - Zeta Lambda Chapter here at Texas A&M! With a passion in graphic designing, I am so excited to produce a wide variety of unique designs & merchandise for Alpha Delta Pi!


Camryn Hale

Recruitment Analyst Specialist

Howdy! My name is Camryn Hale and I am a sophomore accounting major from Harlingen Texas. As recruitment management specialist I head match team and help the recruitment analyst with all the recruitment analytics. My goal is to set a clear ethical and structured environment to make sure we have the best recruitment possible. I found my home here at the zata lambda chapter of alpha delta pi, and I hope to help as many future members find their home here as possible!

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