Executive Officers

Zeta Lambda is thankful to have an amazing group of women leading our chapter in 2022. Read below to learn more about them and their positions!


Darby Hurley 


Howdy! My name is Darby Hurley, and I am a junior Accounting major from College Station, TX. This year, I have the privilege of serving the Zeta Lambda chapter as President! As president, I lead our chapter’s Executive Committee to ensure that all events and plans run smoothly and encourage collaboration among all officer teams to create the best experience possible for all of our members. Additionally, I guide the overall vision for the chapter of creating a welcoming and inclusive culture with opportunities for leadership, friendship, and personal growth. I am SO excited to serve the Zeta Lambda chapter this year, and I cannot wait to see the amazing things we will accomplish!!


Allyson Hoskinson

Vice President of Operations

Howdy! My name is Ally and I am a junior Computer Science major from Portland, TX, a small town just outside of Corpus Christi! As Vice President of Operations, I function as the liaison between our chapter and our international organization as a whole. I also maintain the records of our chapter, which includes updating our chapter calendar, taking minutes at Executive Board and Committee meetings, and organizing elections and officer transition. Through this position, I love being able to connect with advisors, officers, and members as well as helping the chapter grow and improve!


Megan Eddington

Vice President of Membership Experience

Howdy! My name is Megan Eddington, and I am a sophomore Civil Engineering major from Flower Mound, TX. As the Vice President of Membership Experience, I oversee the Membership Experience Team and plan chapter retreat each semester. The Membership Experience team is responsible for every phase of membership in our chapter including new members, actives, and alumnae. We strive to create a positive and impactful experience for our sisters throughout these phases. I am so excited to have the opportunity to serve my sisters and this chapter as Vice President of Membership Experience this year!


Cailey Bowles

Vice President of Finance

Howdy! My name is Cailey Bowles. I am a junior Management Information Systems major with a minor in Cybersecurity, and I am from Cypress, TX. As the Vice President of Finance, I ensure the collection of member dues and maintain the financial stability of the chapter. I also prepare and monitor our chapter’s annual budget.


Megan Klenke

Director of New Member Experience

Howdy! I am a sophomore Accounting major from San Antonio, TX and am currently serving as the Director of New Member Experience. In this position I will be in charge of overseeing the transition of our new members into fully initiated members. I will be guiding them through education sessions and getting them integrated into the chapter with social events. I am also in charge of our Diamond Sister matching as well as the reveal. I am very excited to serve in this position and help the new members feel welcomed and loved!


Tabby Deupree

Vice President of Marketing

Hi!! My name is Tabby Deupree and I’m an Industrial & Systems Engineering major from Irving, TX. As VP of Marketing, I am over the entire Recruitment and Marketing Team, I coordinate our strategic marketing plan, and help support all of the officers underneath me to promote our chapter and our amazing sisterhood! I am so excited to be able to take our chapter to a new level through both social media and recruitment!


Jettie Funderburgh

Director of Primary Recruitment

Howdy! My name is Jettie Funderburgh and I am a sophomore communication major from Stephenville Texas. My role as the Director of Primary Recruitment is to recruit the women here at Texas A&M University that would best represent the values of Alpha Delta Pi. I am passionate about recruitment and hope all the incoming PNM's have the most memorable experience as well as see what our amazing sisterhood, as well as chapter, has to offer!


Taylor Cao

Director of Facility Management

Howdy, my name is Taylor Cao and I am an Industrial Distribution major from Houston, Texas. As the Director of Facility Management, I oversee what is needed regarding the house as well as our relationship with the House Corporation that is working on the new house. I also coordinating meeting and event spaces for the sorority, and overall management of efficient facility utilization. I am very excited to see the new Alpha Delta Pi house come to life in College Station as well as all the memories that will be made and cherished through the years!


Breanne Springer

Vice President of Event Management

Howdy! My name is Breanne Springer and I'm a Sophomore Kinesiology major from Lubbock, Texas. Ever since I joined ADPi, I always felt like I was at home. The amount of love I have for these women is insane. It was because of these women that I applied for this position in the first place! I’m so excited to do right by them and give my all to this position. I’m so excited!


Sydney Underwood

Vice President of Member Development

Howdy! My name is Sydney Underwood and I am a sophomore Psychology major from Mont Belvieu, TX. As the Vice President of Member Development, I ensure that our chapter holds themselves to the standards and ideal principles of our sorority by developing them in a positive way as a sister, student, and woman. I also help to maintain our member's wellness, academics, and inclusion/diversity of the sorority.


Mary Grace Theis

Vice President of Panhellenic Relations

Hi! My name is Mary Grace Theis, and I am a junior Genetics major from Plano, TX. As Vice President of Panhellenic Relations, I serve as a voice for the chapter as well as a liaison between the chapter and CPC. My goal is to promote sisterhood with all Texas A&M women. I found my home here at Alpha Delta Pi and I’m excited to get to continue to know all the other powerful and interesting women throughout the Greek Community here at Texas A&M.


Hannah Grabbe

Director of Philanthropy

Howdy! My name is Hannah Grabbe and I am a Junior Allied Health Major from Cedar Park, Texas. This year I have the opportunity to serve as the Director of Philanthropy for the Zeta Lambda chapter. As Director of Philanthropy, I communicate with RMHC to plan events that allow our chapter to serve and support the families at RMHC. I am so excited to be able to share my love of volunteering with my chapter.