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Zeta Lambda is thankful to have an amazing group of women leading our chapter in 2023. Read below to learn more about them and their positions!


Laney Muench


Howdy! My name is Laney Muench, and I am a sophomore Marketing major from Frisco, TX. This year, I have the privilege of serving as President of the Zeta Lambda chapter! As President, I lead our chapter’s Executive Committee by fostering collaboration among our officer teams as we work to create the best experience possible for all of our members. In addition, I guide the overall vision for the chapter to create a welcoming and inclusive culture that encourages leadership, friendship, and personal growth. I am SO excited to have the opportunity to serve Zeta Lambda in this way, and I cannot wait to see the amazing things we will accomplish!!


Sofia Munoz

Vice President of Operations

Howdy! My name is Sofia Munoz and I am a chemical engineering major from The Woodlands, TX. I am serving our chapter as Vice President of Operations this year. As Vice President of Operations, I function as the liaison between our chapter and our international organization as a whole. I also maintain the records of our chapter, which includes updating our chapter calendar, taking minutes at Executive Board and Committee meetings, and organizing elections and officer transition. I am so excited to help our chapter grow and connect with my sisters and our advisors!


Hana Musser

Director of New Member Experience

Howdy! My name is Hana Musser and I am a Masters of International Affairs candidate from Lititz, PA. In this position I will be in charge of overseeing the transition of our new members into fully initiated members. I will be guiding them through education sessions and getting them integrated into the chapter with social events. I am also in charge of our Diamond Sister matching as well as the reveal. I am very excited to serve in this position and help the new members learn about our sisterhood and feel welcomed!


Lexi Rivers

Vice President of Marketing

Howdy! My name is Lexi Rivers and I'm a Communications major from Allen, TX! As Vice President of Marketing, I oversee the Recruitment and Marketing Team. I coordinate our strategic marketing plan, and support all of the officers underneath me to promote our chapter and our amazing sisterhood! I am most excited to have such a direct impact on our chapter and to be working with my best friends. I’m so grateful for such a supportive executive team, advisors, and sisters.


Carlee Richardson

Director of Primary Recruitment

Howdy! My name is Carlee Richardson and I am a sophomore Marketing major from Brownwood, TX. My role as the Director of Primary Recruitment is to recruit the women here at Texas A&M University that would best represent the values of Alpha Delta Pi. I am so excited for all incoming PNM’s to have the most memorable recruitment experience and see what our sisterhood, as well as chapter, has to offer!


Taylor Copeland

Vice President of Accounts Payable

Howdy! My name is Taylor Copeland and I am a Finance major from Dallas, TX. I handle all the budgets and financial education for the chapter while working with our amazing VPAR! I am so excited to grow the transparency and financial literacy in this chapter!


Ally Hughes

Vice President of Accounts Receivable

Hi!! My name is Ally Hughes and I am an Environmental Engineering major from San Francisco, California. As the Vice President of Accounts Receivable, I handle finances within our chapter and ensure all members have the knowledge and support they need to succeed. I am so excited for this year and the opportunities it will bring!


McKayla Ross

Director of Facility Management

Hi! My name is McKayla Ross and I'm a biology major from Austin, Texas. As the Director of Facility Management I handle the housing contracts as well as plan events for the house girls to grow the sisterhood. I cannot wait to make our brand new house feel like a home to the girls here!

Maggie Winston

Vice President of Membership Experience

Howdy! My name is Maggie Winston, and I am a sophomore University Studies: Society, Ethics, and Law major from Pearland, Texas. As Vice President of Membership Experience, I lead the Membership Experience Team and plan Chapter Retreat each semester. The Membership Experience Team strives to provide an exceptional experience for all new members, active members, and alumnae. Through my team's programming and efforts, I want all Alphas and Deltas to feel that they belong and are seen, wanted, and highly valued in the Zeta Lambda chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. I am absolutely thrilled to serve my sisters and my chapter this year as the Vice President of Membership Experience!


Alyssa Lazarchik

Vice President of Event Management

Howdy! My name is Alyssa Lazarchik, and I am a sophomore Visualization major from Frisco, Texas! I am super excited to be given the opportunity to serve as the Vice President of Event Management this year for the Zeta Lambda chapter at Texas A&M! As the Vice President of Event Management, I plan and direct the chapter Social Program for the entire year with the assistance of the Event Management Team. This includes formal and informal parties, and events for parents and alumnae, as well as for Alpha and Delta members. I am also responsible for organizing events that are cosponsored by fraternities and other on-campus organizations. I am so excited to work with these amazing ladies, and I cannot wait to see where this year takes us!

Executive Officers


Kylie Miller

Director of Philantropy

Howdy! My name is Kylie Miller, and I am a sophomore allied health major from Richmond, TX. This year I have the opportunity to serve on Exec as the Director of Philanthropy for the Zeta Lambda chapter. As Director of Philanthropy, I communicate with RMHC, plan philanthropy events, and coordinate volunteer opportunities that allow our chapter to serve and support RMHC. I am so honored and excited to be able to share my love for community service with my chapter.


Natalie Casper

Vice President of Member Development

Howdy! My name is Natalie Casper and I am a sophomore Public Health major from Houston, TX. As the Vice President of Member Development, I ensure that our chapter holds themselves to the standards and ideal principles of our sorority by developing them in a positive way as a sister, student, and woman. I also help to maintain our member's wellness, academics, and inclusion/diversity of the sorority.


Brooke Albert

Vice President of Panhellenic Relations

Howdy! My name is Brooke Albert and I am a junior Accounting major from Leander, TX. As Vice President of Panhellenic Relations, I serve as a voice for the chapter as well as a liaison between the chapter and CPC. My goal is to promote sisterhood with all Texas A&M women and encourage active involvement of Alpha Delta Pi on and off campus. I’m excited to continue to know and work with the other powerful and interesting women throughout the Greek Community here at Texas A&M.

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