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The recruitment team manages all formal recruitment activities like work week, recruitment rounds, and bid day! They help manage all the behind the scenes operations of our recruitment process. Throughout the semester they also work to host informal recruitment events! This team aims to find the new and incoming sisters that will continue to foster our high ideals of womanhood.

Jada-Brooke Espino

VP of Recruitment

Howdy! I’m Jada-Brooke Espino. I am a Sociology major with a passion for pre-law. This year, I am honored to be serving as the Vice President of Recruitment for our Zeta Lambda chapter. My primary objective is to guide our incredible chapter through the recruitment process, aiming to recruit exceptional women who embody the values cherished by Alpha Delta Pi. My goal is to create an inviting atmosphere where every Potential New Member feels welcomed and loved upon entering our house doors. I am genuinely excited about this opportunity. I look forward to ensuring that Potential New Members have an unforgettable recruitment experience.


Sable Glick

Primary Recruitment Specialist

Howdy! My name is Sable Glick and I am a freshman English major from McAllen, TX. My role as the Primary Recruitment Specialist is to help the vp of recruitment find the women here at Texas A&M University that would best match the values of Alpha Delta Pi, and make sure recruitment runs smoothly for our chapter as well as the incoming girls. I am so excited to welcome all the PNMs into our house and make them feel as welcome as I did when I went through recruitment.


Emma Womack

Open Recruitment Specialist

Howdy! My name is Emma Womack, and I’m a freshman Allied Health major from Corpus Christi, TX. I am super excited to be serving as the Open Recruitment Specialist this year! Through my position, I will grow our membership by welcoming all of our potential new members through casual and intimate conversations and events. I can’t wait to make an impact and showcase the Zeta Lambda chapter to all of our potential new members!


Brooke Sears

Bid Day Specialist

Howdy! My name is Brooke Sears and I am a freshman business major from Magnolia, Texas! I have been given the privilege of serving as Bid Day specialist this year and I am so excited! It is so important for me to create a bid day that not only new members love, but current members as well! I’m looking forward to planning this years bid day alongside my friends and other officers, and can’t wait to see the finished product!


Camryn Hale

Recruitment Analyst

Hello, my name is Camryn Hale and I am a junior supply chain major from Harlingen TX. As the recruitment analyst I handle all data related to recruitment, PNMs, and scheduling. I am so excited for our next recruitment season!


Brooke Wolfram

Recruitment Analyst Specialist

Howdy! My name is Brooke Wolfram and I am an Aerospace Engineering major from Cypress, Texas. As Recruitment Analyst Specialist, a large part of my job is to lead match team. I also work along side the Recruitment Analyst during recruitment to organize and use necessary data which helps the chapter recruit girls that best align with our values at Alpha Delta Pi. I am so excited for this year and the opportunities it will bring!

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