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Our team makes sure the chapter and our house is financially sound. We make sure bills are paid on time, the chapter’s budget is followed, and that the house is taken care of. We’re a small team, but a very important one!


Alizé Ditilyeu

VP of Accounts Payable

Howdy! My name is Alizé Ditilyeu and I am an Accounting major from Houston, TX. I handle all the budgets and financial education for the chapter while working closely with the officers to make sure everything is paid in a timely manner. In doing so, I have an amazing finance partner, our VPAR! I can’t wait for what’s in this year to come!


Callie Hobbs

VP of Accounts Receivable

Hi! My name is Callie Hobbs and I am an Animal Science major from Cedar Park, Texas. As Vice President of Accounts Receivable, I handle finances within our chapter and ensure all members have the knowledge and support they need to succeed. I am so excited for this year and the opportunities it will bring!


Grace Indelicato

Director of Facility Management

Howdy! My name is Grace Indelicato and I am a finance major from Spring, TX. As the Director of Facilities Management I administer housing contracts, manage house utilities, and create social events for the house girls. I cannot wait to make the Pi Palace feel more like home to my sisters!

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