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Finance Team

Our team makes sure the chapter and our house is financially sound. We make sure bills are paid on time, the chapter’s budget is followed, and that the house is taken care of. We’re a small team, but a very important one!

Taylor Copeland

VP of Accounts Payable

Howdy! My name is Taylor Copeland and I am a Finance major from Dallas, TX. I handle all the budgets and financial education for the chapter while working with our amazing VPAR! I am so excited to grow the transparency and financial literacy in this chapter!


Ally Hughes

VP of Accounts Receivable

Hi!! My name is Ally Hughes and I am an Environmental Engineering major from San Francisco, California. As the Vice President of Accounts Receivable, I handle finances within our chapter and ensure all members have the knowledge and support they need to succeed. I am so excited for this year and the opportunities it will bring!


McKayla Ross

Director of Facility Management

Hi! My name is McKayla Ross and I'm a biology major from Austin, Texas. As the Director of Facility Management I handle the housing contracts as well as plan events for the house girls to grow the sisterhood. I cannot wait to make our brand new house feel like a home to the girls here!

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