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The Member Development Team helps empower and hold accountable the women of this chapter. We work together to uphold Alpha Delta Pi’s standards, scholarship, and wellness. We also do everything we can to help and support our sisters. All the members of this team are vitally important to help our chapter grow and be successful as women and as a sisterhood.


Hannah Vatuna

VP of Member Development

Howdy! My name is Hannah Vatuna and I am a junior Psychology major from Tomball, Texas! As the Vice President of Member Development, I ensure that our chapter holds themselves to the standards and principles of our sorority by developing them in a positive way as a sister, student, and woman. I also help to maintain our member's wellness, academics, and the inclusion/diversity of the sorority.


Laksha Sethuram

Director of Academic Affairs

Howdy! My name is Laksha Sethuram. I am a freshman business major from Frisco, TX. I have the privilege of serving as the Director of Academic Affairs of the Zeta Lambda chapter. As Director of Academic Affairs, I work with my sisters to ensure everyone meets the academic standards of our chapter. I am so excited for this year!


Bella Forney

Wellness Specialist

Howdy!! My name is Bella Forney and I am a Communications major from Houston, TX. I have the honor of serving Zeta Lambda as Wellness Specialist. In this position, I encourage mental and physical wellness by providing educational resources for the wellbeing of the chapter. In addition, I make sure to foster open and honest relationships with sisters to allow them to be vulnerable. I hope to provide a positive and open atmosphere for girls to know that they are loved and cherished, and I hope to educate them on the importance of both physical and mental health.


Aliyah Russell

Director of Inclusion

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