Member Development Team

The Member Development Team helps empower and hold accountable the women of this chapter. We work together to uphold Alpha Delta Pi’s standards, scholarship, and wellness. We also do everything we can to help and support our sisters. All the members of this team are vitally important to help our chapter grow and be successful as women and as a sisterhood.

Sydney Underwood

VP of Member Development

Howdy! My name is Sydney Underwood and I am a sophomore Psychology major from Mont Belvieu, TX. As the Vice President of Member Development, I ensure that our chapter holds themselves to the standards and ideal principles of our sorority by developing them in a positive way as a sister, student, and woman. I also help to maintain our member's wellness, academics, and inclusion/diversity of the sorority.


Maiah Morris

Director of Academic Affairs

Howdy! My name is Maiah Morris and I am an Urban Planning Major from Pilot Point, TX. As the Director of Academic Affairs, I report the chapter’s GPA statistics and make sure that everyone meets the minimum GPA requirement. It is my responsibility to motivate members to be academically successful and to advocate for the academic resources available on and off of campus. I am in charge of reporting study hours, holding academic review meetings, and choosing SmartyPi of the week!


Francesca Breitenfeld

Wellness Specialist

Hello! My name is Francesca Breitenfeld and I am a Biomedical Science major with a minor in psychology from Kingsville, TX. My ultimate goal after graduation is to attend dental school to become a dentist. As the Wellness Specialist for our chapter, I positively encourage the mental, emotional, and physical well-being and health of our sisters by being an outlet for support and resource for educational information regarding health and wellness. I also encourage our involvement in various wellness campaigns on campus. With this position, I intend to serve my sisters by being open, comforting, and supportive in hopes of creating a safe space for the Zeta Lambda chapter of Alpha Delta Pi.


Brooke Carter

Director of Inclusion

Howdy! My name is Brooke Carter and my pronouns are she/her. I am an environmental studies major with an emphasis on regulation and compliance from Austin, Texas. As Director of Inclusion, I am responsible for encouraging and facilitating equity, inclusion, and diversity in our sisterhood. I am also the person in charge of representing our chapter at CPC Diversity and Inclusion Committee Meetings. As part of the Member Development Team, it’s my honor to discuss hard truths with our chapter and motivate sisters to keep an open mind.