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Texas A&M Alpha Delta Pi's Recruitment Check List!

1. Register with TAMU Panhellenic!

2. Complete a Potential New Member Form!

3. If you personally know an ADPi, have them submit a Letter of Recommendation on Pride Online!

4. Send Letters of Support to our Recruitment Analyst at!

Now please enjoy a Letter to Potential New Members from our very own VP of Primary Recruitment!

My name is Carlee Richardson, and I am so excited to invite you in to see a glimpse of our chapter as the Director of Primary Recruitment in August. Whether the emotions you’re feeling right now are excitement, uncertainty, or just feeling plain overwhelmed, know that we have all been there too. If I were to tell myself, just 2 years ago, that I would be the one standing in front of you during recruitment I would have never believed it. But that is the beauty of going Greek - you accomplish things you never thought you were capable of, and are surrounded by encouragement from your very best friends. Throughout this process, I want you to remember to always be yourself, trust your gut, have fun, laugh, cry, and never take yourself too seriously. Find the sisterhood that feels like family and find the girls you see authentic friendship in.

We are ready to make you feel loved, supported, and seen throughout this entire process. Remember, regardless of the outcome, this process does not define you. Cherish this time to get to learn from, listen to, and laugh with so many incredible women. Know that you are your own person, unique in your own special way, and the women of the Zeta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi are so excited to learn what makes you YOU!


Carlee Richardson

Bid Day 2023!!

We had a blast during our Fall 2023 bid day! WELCOME HOME ALPHAS!

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