The Zeta Lambda chapter of ADPi emulates our open motto of "We Live for Each Other" every day. Our sisterhood goes deeper than just some greek letters.

"One of my favorite ADPi memories was getting my little Hannah! Since Big-Little Reveal, Hannah has become one of my best friends. Whether it’s trips to the beach, lunch dates, giving each other advice, or laughing until our stomachs hurt, having her as my little has made my college experience a million times better. I’m so thankful ADPi gave me my little, my roommate, and my best friend!!" - Makayla Hayman AC '18

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"When I hurt my back in the fall and literally couldn’t move for a week my sister Claire Winters took me to the doctor and helped me do literally everything from laundry to laying on the floor with me. She is a beautiful human and I honestly don’t know how I would’ve made it without her!!" - Kristen Walkenhorst AC '19

"Gosh I have a lot of fond memories with girls in ADPi and it’s hard to just pick one! One time where I felt really appreciated and home in ADPi was over winter break this past December. I was a freshman and was staying in College Station for finals. Majority of people had gone home already and campus felt so empty and deserted. The dining hall food was getting pretty rough and one day my grand big, Ashleigh Somich, invited me over to her apartment for a spaghetti dinner. It was so good to know someone was in College Station that I could hang out with and count on! Dinner was delicious and we were able to just sit, talk, and hangout. Ashleigh is the best grand big I could ask for and I can always count on her for advice or as a friend!" - Hannah Broadhead AC '20

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