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 The Zeta Lambda chapter of ADPi emulates our open motto of "We Live for Each Other" every day. Our sisterhood goes deeper than just some greek letters.


"I will forever be grateful for this sorority because when I came in as a transfer, I knew no one in the Zeta Lambda chapter. As soon as I stepped into the room, they welcomed me with open arms and have never made me feel as though I need to be someone I'm not! They have pushed me to hold my dream position as Director of Primary Recruitment and I will forever be grateful for this sorority…this sisterhood is really meant to last a lifetime!"

-Zoi Rougas AC ‘18

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"I took a leap of faith and joined ADPi through COR and that was the best decision I made. I was welcomed with open arms for who I am. I love our sisterhood because everyone is so genuine and I never have a dull moment when I am with my sisters! I have met my best friends by joining ADPi and I am forever grateful for my sisters <3 !!"  - Desiree Diaz AC ‘21


"I joined Alpha Delta Pi because after 2 years in college, I felt like I was still missing that sisterhood I knew would fulfill my time at Texas A&M University. A new friend convinced me to join ADPi in the spring and I knew this sorority was my home away from home once I stepped foot in the house and met so many of my sisters who are now my best friends. Sisterhood to me means late night talks in your car, having your sisters hold your hand at a roller skating rink when you keep falling on your bum, going pond hopping on campus late at night to experience Aggie traditions together, dancing the night away at semi-formal, and going shopping together for your future littles! To put more briefly, sisterhood means making life-long memories with high quality, genuine friends who accept you for who you are - and that’s exactly the kind of sisterhood Alpha Delta Pi gave me during my college career!"

-Mackenzie Linscomb AC’21

"One of my favorite memories in ADPi was meeting my big and growing so close to her in such a short amount of time. I met her during recruitment week and we just immediately clicked. She was my first friend in ADPi and was always there to help me throughout freshman year. She even took me to my first Aggie football game!"

-Alex Koudelka AC ‘19


"Alpha Delta Pi has been such an amazing experience for me. I have met many amazing, and genuine people. One of my favorite memories thus far has been semi formal. It was such a fun time to celebrate the end of a semester with some of my closest sisters!"

-Kylie Miller AC '21 


"My heart is filled with so much love for ADPi and the women who make it such a great organization. When I walk into a room full of sisters, I know I belong and they make sure of it! This chapter has supported me relentlessly. My sisters are the reason why I am who I am today!"

-Abigail V. AC ’20


"I love ADPI because all of the girls are so welcoming and loving. You always feel like you belong at any ADPI event. Sisterhood to me means being there for each other no matter what, building each other up, and encouraging each other to be the best versions of ourselves!"

Julia Ferraro AC '19


"I love this sisterhood because I have gotten to know some of the kindest and genuine people! I feel so welcome and accepted her here! ADPi has given me some of my best friends and my future bridesmaids!"

-Cassie Miller AC ‘19


"I love ADPi because it brought me friendships that I wouldn’t have found otherwise! Even as a new member, I can see that ADPi is filled with genuine girls who I cannot wait to get to know better next semester!! My favorite ADPi memory was being on the powderpuff team because I got to meet new girls and grow closer to them through team practices, wins, and losses."

-Lexi Rivers AC ‘21


"When I arrived at college, I prioritized finding a home away from home and that is exactly what I found when I joined ADPI. My love for ADPI is rooted in the selfless and constant love and support we give to each other with no hesitation. Our statement, “We live for each other,” holds great depth and genuine truth which is why our sisterhood is so strong. Joining this sorority has been one of the best decisions I could have made to find a home away from home, sisters who love and uplift me through the good and the bad, and comfort in being my true self."

-Francesca Breitenfeld AC ‘21


"When looking at sororities, I was seeking sisterhood and the authenticity, vulnerability, and encouragement that comes with it. Every moment with ADPi made me feel valued, special, supported, and included. From bid day to finals week, I was surrounded by sisters that lifted me up when I was down, studied with me,  had dance parties with me, went on weekend trips, and even spontaneous 2 A.M. Fuego runs with me. I found my new best friends - women that push me to pursue new opportunities and support me in all endeavors. In ADPi, I know that I am loved and encouraged everyday, and that I am surrounded by women who want me to be the best I can be. I found my sisters, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything else."

-Carlee Richardson AC ‘21