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 The Zeta Lambda chapter of ADPi emulates our open motto of "We Live for Each Other" every day.
Our sisterhood goes deeper than just some greek letters. Here in Alpha Delta Pi, we have made authentic and genuine friendships that will last beyond our time here at Texas A&M.
Read some of our sisters' experiences below!

E8DC433F-5BB5-47EE-8326-F89031D10268 - Aubree Smith.jpeg

"I love adpi because of the forever friends that I have made in just one semester!! I love the events and sisterhood that we are involved in, and couldn’t be happier to be apart of this sorority." -Aubree Smith AC '22


"I joined Alpha Delta Pi because after 2 years in college, I felt like I was still missing that sisterhood I knew would fulfill my time at Texas A&M University. A new friend convinced me to join ADPi in the spring and I knew this sorority was my home away from home once I stepped foot in the house and met so many of my sisters who are now my best friends. Sisterhood to me means late night talks in your car, having your sisters hold your hand at a roller skating rink when you keep falling on your bum, going pond hopping on campus late at night to experience Aggie traditions together, dancing the night away at semi-formal, and going shopping together for your future littles! To put more briefly, sisterhood means making life-long memories with high quality, genuine friends who accept you for who you are - and that’s exactly the kind of sisterhood Alpha Delta Pi gave me during my college career!"

-Mackenzie Linscomb AC’21

"One of my favorite memories in ADPi was meeting my big and growing so close to her in such a short amount of time. I met her during recruitment week and we just immediately clicked. She was my first friend in ADPi and was always there to help me throughout freshman year. She even took me to my first Aggie football game!"

-Alex Koudelka AC ‘19


"The sisterhood I have found here runs deep. I know that if I am ever in need of something I can count on these women to help me. I know that I will always have someone to eat dinner with…or go grab a milkshake with on a random weeknight! I know that these women will remain in my life forever, because I couldn’t imagine going through it without them. Zeta Lambda means so much to me because this chapter comforts me in moments that I feel alone, encourages me when I feel down, and inspires me to reach for my dreams. Alpha Delta Pi has given me so many opportunities, spanning from philanthropy to leadership and sisterhood. This community has given me connections to women around the United States that I am very thankful for. At Alpha Delta Pi I found much more than I thought I could going into recruitment, I found a family that will support and love one another forever." -Taylor Hansen AC '21

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"When I arrived at college, I prioritized finding a home away from home and that is exactly what I found when I joined ADPI. My love for ADPI is rooted in the selfless and constant love and support we give to each other with no hesitation. Our statement, “We live for each other,” holds great depth and genuine truth which is why our sisterhood is so strong. Joining this sorority has been one of the best decisions I could have made to find a home away from home, sisters who love and uplift me through the good and the bad, and comfort in being my true self."

-Francesca Breitenfeld AC ‘21

IMG_4337 - Cassidy Watts.jpeg

"I joined ADPi spring of 2024 and I can say it’s been one of the best decisions since being here at Texas A&M! In my first semester at Texas A&M one of my highschool friends had recently went ADPi and she invited me to one of the date party’s where I met her friends within the sorority. After that night I thought to myself what a welcoming and sweet group of girls. I knew since that night I wanted to be apart of a group like ADPi filled with the kindest people ever. I love ADPi because it gives me a group full of nicest girls and allows me to continue to volunteer within my community!" - Cassidy Watts AC '24

"In joining Alpha Delta Pi, I have found a group of supportive, like-minded women with whom I can always be myself around. Shared experiences, memories, and traditions have forged deep connections I have with my sisters. The bonds I have created here will stay with me forever. ADPi has also helped me with many life skills, such as leadership, organization, and communication. I love the ample opportunities to get involved not only within the chapter but the ability to make a difference in the community through the many service opportunities. This sisterhood is genuine and positive, and that’s what I adore about this sorority."

-Faith Reagan AC '23

IMG_0282 - Hannah Vatuna.jpeg

The love and support is one of, but not the only, reason I went ADPi!! Going through rush was such a stressful time for me, as I was nervous that I wouldn't find a group of girls that I would click with. Walking into the Pi Palace on that first day truly changed that for me. I met some of the most genuine girls through ADPi, and I remember laughing and feeling 100% comfortable about where I was. I knew I was home. Every one of these girls, even if I don't know them specifically, are some of the most caring and passionate people you will ever met. They continuously push you to be your best self, and are your biggest cheerleader when you are down. My entire college experience has been influenced by the women that surround me, from them encouraging me to go out for an Executive officer position, to those late night talks in the sisterhood lounge. Being an ADPi holds some of my most cherished memories, and I can truly say, that if I had to go through recruitment again, I would choose this place and these girls every single time!" - Hannah Vatuna AC '22

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