Monthly Updates

February 2021 Update

February sure has been a whirlwind month for our girls in ADPi! With a Texas snowstorm canceling classes for a full week, the College Station residents found themselves snowed in, but they made the most of it. Between snowball fights at the Pi Palace to making snow angels, our girls still found a way to enjoy the rarely-seen winter weather! In addition to the random Texas weather, the Zeta Lambda chapter was also able to welcome home 16 new sweet Alphas who were recruited through our Continuous Open Recruitment process. Our COR queen, Kristen, planned several weeks' worth of adorable events where PNMs were able to paint canvases, enjoy a fun Powerpoint night, and get to know our sweet sisterhood. Our chapter also hosted multiple sisterhood events including ADPi is Sweet (we decorated cookies!) and Sisterhood and Succulents. Our sisters were also able to share their philanthropic energies by making Valentine's Day cards for the children staying at the RMHC facilities. To cap the month off, the Pi Palace hosted our spring bid day with the adorable theme "Honey I'm Home". We are so excited to see what March brings us, but in the meantime, here are some pictures of some sisters who live together!

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